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Who we are

MISL Ltd was incorporated in Kenya in 2005 to offer technical assistance on development aid projects financed by international organizations such as the United Nations, World Bank, African Development Bank, European Union as well as local development organizations in developing and transition economies across Africa and the world. MISL Ltd has built a reputation in project management and technical assistance to Governments, NGOs, Development partners and Investors in the following sectors: economic development, strategic planning and strategic reviews, trade and regional integration, educational and social reforms including technical and vocational training, institutional reform, governance and public finance management reforms.

MISL Ltd contributes to achievement of organizational results by developing and managing innovative technical support in research management, environment, education, conflict management, as well as enterprise activities.


Our knowledge in working with different donor institutions and our proximity and experience in working in the transitional economies across Africa is what sets us apart

MISL Ltd seeks to strengthen the links between good governance, policy and development outcomes by undertaking credible and objective policy analysis and research and communicating the findings to key actors and collaborators in the public, private and civic sectors with the aim of influencing sustainable policy implementation. 

MISL Ltd functions as a resource center providing cutting edge intellectual, technical, informational and research support for government, the private sector, development partners and civil society to understand, interpret and respond creatively to contemporary social, political and economic issues, challenges and developments.


MISL Ltd supports governments, NGOs, Development partners and other implementing authorities to improve their project management capacities. Our services cuts across the whole project management cycle from Project Identification, Project Analysis, Project Design, Project Planning, Project Quality Assurance, and Project Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) including post-facto impact evaluations.

Our expertise covers specific project management interventions thus we are to offer innovative individual project solutions like: 

Review of Strategic Plans, QMS Implementation, Feasibility studies, Project documentation management, Third Party Monitoring, Impact Evaluations, and in-house project management training and capacity building.